Alpine Pearls
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On 1 January 2000, in the course of a career change, we took over Alphotel Eiger and set out on an exciting adventure as hotel hosts.
Previously, Katrin had worked for Swissair and Swiss for 15 years, and had held the position of Maitre de Cabine for 10 years. Getting to know and experiencing other cultures, dealing with a variety of different people, and travelling all are activities that Katrin can now benefit greatly from.
Christoph, a professional carpenter, worked in his profession for 14 years, thereof 6 years as foreman. As a result, Alphotel Eiger has its own specialist for renovations, improvements or alterations on site.  
Alphotel Eiger It is rare that we do not enjoy a relaxed end of the day in the living room or garden with a good glass of wine. As connoisseurs of wine we are happy to provide our guests with exciting wine recommendations. In such situations you might even find out a bit more about your hosts.
Alphotel Eiger The décor at Alphotel Eiger is generally developed by Katrin. Her love for details is as great as her love for natural, rare and hand-made objects.
Alphotel Eiger For Christoph, scuba diving is not merely a hobby. Occasionally, you might find him emerging from the waters of cold lake Thun!!!
Alphotel Eiger Katrin is passionate about cooking and will cook up a storm for you and your family. She has enjoyed cooking with chefs as well known as Andreas C. Studer.
Alphotel Eiger Obviously, visitors to Beatenberg love to hike and enjoy nature. As a qualified Bernese hike leader Christoph is often seen with guests of Alphotel Eiger visiting our cow in Justis valley, at Bire or in the tunnels of the coal mine above Beatenberg.
Alphotel Eiger Christoph enjoys motorbike riding, if time permits. He frequently accompanies our guests to tours of our most beautiful mountain passes.
Alphotel Eiger We are both passionate curling players. If you would like to try your hand at curling, arrange for a training session with Christoph.  
Alphotel Eiger Tobogganing is a traditional pastime in Beatenberg. These days, however, the trip from Niederhorn to Beatenberg is purely for pleasure. Of course, we also go skiing or enjoy the many kilometres of winter hiking paths in our mountains.
Alphotel Eiger Eher etwas laut zu und her geht es,  wenn Christoph mit der Motorsäge Katrin beim Dekorieren unterstützt oder mal wieder eine Skulptur für den Garten kreiert.